Want an opinon...

Why would you go back to a girl if they cheated on you and many other things besides that? I know that most of you will probably say, "Because of the ass." But let me explain everything first.

She cheats on you the whole three years that you are together, most of which you have no idea about. She has two children, that are not yours mind you, and you babysit them all of the time while she goes out and does whatever she pleases. She does drugs to the point where she overdoses and cannot take care of her kids properly while she is the only one home with them. You and her live with her sister, you come home one day and she is gone. She doesn't leave a number or an explanation and moves in with another guy. The both of you argue constantly and you never get "any."

There are other things but I could go on and on all night about them. I just want to know why? This man is like an uncle or a second dad. He has been in my life since I was born and I look up to him but he is dropping me because I refuse to give the girl he wants to be with a THIRD chance. Am I being wrong? Is he being wrong? Or are we both wrong?
Uploaded 04/03/2011
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