Warning! Warning! This is political...............

I had to put this warning on there because of someone who reads my blogs and then bitches about the politics that I write. It reminds me of a child who puts his hand in fire and then complains about how hot it is. Here is how you know I will be talking politics...if other people put out a blog that is anti-McCain then I will come in and tell you the truth as I see it and will do my best to back it up with facts you can check on easily. It is like today with the Keating 5 and how McCain was with them. EVERYBODY should know McCain was cleared of ALL charges and the guy who wrote this KNOWS it as well. But just like a good Democrat he hides the facts in the message. This is in response to the Ayers connection with Obama and guess what? They are not the same

1)Obama and Ayers are neighbors.

2) They sat on at least one organization that was used to funnel money to Acorn and Acorn is the people who signed up Jive Turkey, and Marry Poppins to vote.

3) This one is a good one too, Obama Announced his plan to run for presidency from his home. Now I dont know if that makes them buddies or not but it sure as hell seems like it to me.


Before you complain about me talking politics remember this, I blog politics AFTER someone else blogs a PRO-Obama one, but you didnt say anything to them did you? You had no problem attacking me and my blog so go after the pro-Obama people and tell them to stop and then I will. But not until they do. We have enough ONE SIDED political crap as it is. Why doesnt that bother more people than just a few? Why doesnt EVERYONE stand up and shout, and I am not saying you even have to be political just be informed of what they are doing to us. We are getting but one VAGUE side of a much bigger picture.


OK I am finished complaining thanks for reading Bohank

Uploaded 10/06/2008
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