Washing My PSP

    Just recently like maybe half an hour ago because right now its 9:18 pm Anyways I was eating with my family. My little stepbrother went to get his PSP to play with while eating. My stepmom goes okay go wash it (as in get a piece of paper and wipe the screen). So were talking and my little brother goes in the bathroom and I didn't realize that he was taking his PSP so I hear him and it sounds like he's washing his hands and everyone just kept eating and when my stepmom notices my brother comes in with the PSP all wet. She starts screaming and crap are you stupid and telling us I thought he was washing his hands. In my mind I'm Laughing so hard and I'm about to burst but try to hold it in because shes a bitch and likes to start shit. Not that I'm afraid of her its just that its annoying and plus I'm twice her size so I'm sure she wouldn't want to mess with me. So shes screaming and I look at it and the psp is soaking wet like really really wet. Ahh man that was the funniest thing ever. My brother misinterpreted my stepmom by washing is he thought to wash it rinse it with water. By the way he's two years old so don't say like what an idiot, I mean he didn't know any better. I just thought I'd share this story with you which I found absolutely hilarious.

Oh and the PSP wasn't mine I had one two but was desperate for money so I sold it for like 40 dollars. lol

Uploaded 05/31/2008
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