Ways To Be Obnoxious

1. If you have a room-mate or a sibling who sleeps in the same room as you, say that you can't sleep without loud action movies on.

2. Announce bowel movements, and describe them upon returning.

3. Anytime someone is trying to figure something out, tell them the answers. It's more obnoxious if you are wrong and very insistent.

4. Correct everyone. Especially when they're right.

5. Speak in sing-song all the time.

6. Give people high-fives, even when they are unwilling.

7. Ask people what religion they are. Get angry and explain how they are stupid.

8. If your school is having an election, post up numerous signs for candidates that dont exist.

9. Laugh constantly.

10. Go to peoples' weddings that you dont know. Propose a toast.

11. Go to a bar, and just eat the free peanuts until they throw you out.

12. If you see someone with an untied shoe, step on their heel when they are walking, and when it comes off, pick it up and throw it.

13. Narrate everything.

14. Do # 13, but from someone else who's in the room's point of view.

15. Ask someone a question and then walk away.

16. If you are playing hide and seek and you are hiding, start out 1 inch from the base.

17. If you are seeking, go watch television.

18. If someone tells you something thats even slightly negative, start crying.

19. Look at people's noses when talking to them.

20. Whistle, hum, sing, trill, and tap on surfaces as much as possible.

21. Ask for a sip of someone's drink, and take giant gulps.

22. Try to finish your meals in as few bites as possible.

23. Growl at small children.

24. Fart in all confined spaces.

25. Answer questions with questions.

26. Decide on a common word. Everytime anyone says it, clap.

27. Pee on the toilet paper in public bathrooms.

28. Ask someone what their name is, and if they tell you, write it down and run away.

29. Flick water into peoples faces.

30. Smack your lips alot.

31. When sneezing, turn your head towards people. Alternately, sneeze on your hand, and wipe it on a table.

32. If someone asks you a question, spell out the answer.

33. Change the channel on TV whenever a commercial comes on.

34. If you are playing chess with someone and they leave the room for any reason, push all of their pieces off the board except the king. Insist this is where the game left off.

35. Always read out loud.

36. Get out on the middle of the dance floor in a club, and do the hokey-pokey. Make sure to shake it all about.

37. At a bar, offer to buy a girl a drink. If she says Ok, order water.

38. Challenge people to fisticuffs.

39. Challenge people to a joust.

40. Jump when in elevators.

41. Convince someone to close their eyes and open their mouth. Put hair on their tongue.

42. When listening to the radio, exclaim "I LOVE THIS SONG", then sing a different song while it plays.

43. Pop pretend pimples.

44. Try to get people to smell your finger.

45. When playing go-fish, ask if they have any kings (or any other card). If they say yes, say "well i sure dont".

46. When playing poker, wait until you win one hand, then take the money and leave.

47. Spit when you talk.

48. Talk in a really bad accent.

49. Always forget the punch-line of jokes.

50. Say "what?" until everyone stops talking to you.

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