Congratultions America...

You have confirmed my biggest fears about this country.  There are officially, more stupid people in this country, per capita, than any other country in the world.  Of course, this is my opinion; however, I can say this with extreme confidence, based on the fact that you dumb asses were actually stupid enough to vote in and re-elect Obama as our president. 


Our country is now lost.  You can expect to enjoy a much lower standard of living.  You will be taxed beyond any level of comfortable living.  Healthcare?  What a joke... you stupid people actually believed that Obamacare was a vote to help the people.  Just you wait.  I hope you enjoy having your physician consult a computer program and wait to be told how to treat you.  Care to guess how that is going to turn out?   I can assure you, not in your favor.  The cheapest (and likely, the least effective way) will be determined, by a computer program, how to treat any condition you may have.  If  you hated HMO's, wait and see what a government plan has in store for you; the mother of all HMO's.


America used to be the envy of places to live or come and shop.  We enjoyed having a dollar that was the reserve currency of the world.  This ensured a lower cost of living for Americans.  I hope we will all enjoy our, at best, $9.00 a gallon gas, in the near future.  Oh... did I hear that alternative energy will save us?  How well did Solyndra work out?  Here is a simple fact about alternative energy.  America has no solid plan in position to transfer over to any kind of alternative energy... AT ALL.  The American dollar will continue to fall and lose value.  As a result, things will become much more expensive (including gas).  Thanks to Obama, America WILL lose that benifit of its dollar being the reserve currency.  Then, we will be like any other country in the world, fighting for every barrel of oil we can possible get our hands onto.  BTW... You may choose to point out that under Obama's presidency, oil production went up; I very strongly point out, that was in spite of Obama's policies, not because of. 


You can sit there and feel wonderful about an Obama win, and think that I am just a doom and gloomer.  Just remember how great you felt four years from now, because this will be a very different (and not for the better) America than what you remembered or was used to.  Good luck to my fellow Americans, we are going to need it!

Uploaded 11/06/2012
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