We found a way to stop sopa and pipa.

   There's traces of those scum all over ebaumsworld, word on the web is they want to shut down ebaumsworld and steal our precious supply of LOLz. It's said that megaupload actually found a primative way to protect there site from those bastards, but by the time they found it, it was already to late. Once sopa and pipa get a taste of one websites blood they can't stop, there like vampires but everyone knows vampires can be killed. I saw it all first hand when megaupload was bleeding all over the floor she murmered into my ear the secret to stopping the bastards. I'm here to share it with you all.

   As we know these government bastards faggotry levels are off the chart, It's a given fact they are homosexual. They were supposed to take down 4chan but they were unsuccesful, why is that you may ask 4 chan is loaded with vaginas as well as dicks, but it seems they have a higher concentration of vaginas than dicks. Apparently these government bastards have a severe case of pussyphobia. If we can keep this site dick free and get everyone to change there avatars to vaginas we should be safe.
Uploaded 01/21/2012
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