This is America bitches and if you hate our country, get the fuck out! If you can't adapt to us then you don't deserve the freedom that we have provided for ourselves and for you so many years ago. This country is kick ass and you know it! Don't be jealous just because we can pronounce all of our presidents names. While most of you believe that your "presidents" are holy, and spend all of your time worshiping them, we are out doing our own thing. It is not our responsibility to take care of you. Develop brain cells and see that what you are doing is retarded! If you come to this country; you will obey our rules!

   Though most of us can't stand our president, what do we do? We realize that we have made a mistake and chose someone else. We don't keep voting for the same person just because they make promises. Once those promises never appear; See ya, Mr. Obama. We have that power. So if you like how you are living in America as foreigners, don't complain about things that we as Americans have been dealing with for hundreds of years. We can marry who we want! And here, ONE WIFE PER MALE! Good lord! I'm tired of the men at the gas stations asking me to marry them! IT IS ILLEGAL HERE!

   And as for us women being degraded in other countries, we are sluts? Ha ya right! The Chinese, during sex, shit on each other and eat it! Don't judge us American women. It doesn't get any better than us! American women are some of the smartest women in the entire world! AND IT'S TRUE! GET OVER IT! If you hate your country, do something about it. Just because your country sucks; GET OUT OF OURS!

Uploaded 11/02/2010
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