Weed Doesn't Kill Brain Cells Silly, But Asphyxiation Does

Have you ever heard the so called fact that Marijuana kills your brain cells? Well according to sources, including the film entitled "The Union", this "fact" is actually a myth.

During the Reagan administration, tests were done on monkeys to determine if marijuana had negative effects on the body. Naturally, these government "scientists" strapped gas masks on these monkeys and forced them to inhale the equivalent of 50 Colombian strength joints (whatever that's supposed to mean, I've never had weed from Colombia) over the course of 5 minutes. Without oxygen.

Quick fact: After 4 minutes without oxygen, you will see a decrease in brain cells. Why? Because you are suffocating. So, when these monkeys muscles and brains start atrophying and these monkeys start dropping dead, these scientists take it as proof that weed kills brain cells. If I remember my scientific method correctly, it would seem like to me, that all they proved is suffocation makes you lose brain cells. Where are the different testing groups in this experiment? I understand the monkeys that didn't smoke weed would have been the control group, but why weren't there monkeys getting 1-4 minute doses?

I can't speak for everyone when I say this, but since I started smoking marijuana, I have yet to see any kind of decrease in my mental functions, and I sure as hell haven't died yet. What do you guys think?

Uploaded 01/04/2012
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