Weed is the Devil's Drug!!!!!!

First things first...... I believe weed is plant that is best set on fire and inhaled in my lungs. I can't understand how it could be illegal. Cigarettes are legal and they kill you slowly, drinking is fine and dandy as long as you don't drink and drive, but weed is illegal???? I just don't get the logic behind the law. The most harm I've ever been put into while high was having the munchies. I've never been so high that I'm ordering food at a drive-thru and pull off and run over a girl on a bike! I'm not a terrorist nor do I support a gobal jihad because I smoke weed. Now if your buying opium then you might be funding terrorism, but who isn't a terrorist now a days. Look at our president, he is a terrorist and people let him get away with it, but if i buy a bag of weed, I'm the fucking anti-christ?!?!?

All these laws is killing my buzz and dulling my brain. I can smoke and live a normal life. My mind isn't like a frying egg nor do I believe hit lowers your sperm count. I've seen too many of my friends have kids and they smoke alot. I just think the country needs to grow up and realize that it isn't fair to legalize cigarettes and booze, but say WEED is a big no no......I would give more reasoning for my arguement, but I am high and that is a sin, so  who cares about what I think? I'm just a stoner, right? My short term memory sucks sometimes, but I've always been like that so I'm nor worried.......Let me smoke on my weed in peace.

Uploaded 06/19/2008
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