Weighing the Evidence

I have just recently joined the blog writing world. I find it fun and stimulating, and allows me to share my opinions and tell the world the things I have learned as facts. Sometimes I might get a small detail wrong on the things I express but I never would try to misdirect people or lie. I have been known to be tongue and cheek. I  would also do parody but would give heads up on that. A phenomenon I've noticed in when trying to tell a story about how the world works, is that if you get a small insignificant detail wrong, people who do not want to hear the truth jump down your throat. I really don't mind that, I suppose it is how they cope with information that would otherwise turn their world upside down.

The types of things I will write about will be hard hitting, controversial and irritating to most people. I will be perceived as arrogant, truth conspirator, agitator, left and right wing nut.I hope also to be viewed as someone who just wants to learn how the world works and I'm just trying to help it anyway I can and listen to others who want the same thing.

Recently I wrote about racism and USA government meddling and corruption. I will probably do a blog on abortion soon. These subjects are bound to upset a lot of people and short list my friends. I'm not here to make friends, although all are welcomed, I want to stir the pot and get people thinking about important things, as I hope others will do for me. I'm not sure why "stirring the pot" is identified usually with upsetting things, for me it means  to mix things up so you can see whats in that pot.

The two blogs and many comments I previously wrote are not simply based on a couple of documentaries I've seen. I do not make my comments lightly I research them first. Of course some of what I write will be some conjecture on my part but I will have a good grounding in the subject. Again I will get some details wrong and please correct me if I do but don't just dismiss my message based on that.

My credentials are far from exemplary but I do have a diploma in economics and one of the few who probably enjoys it. Would probably bore most people to death. I have read many books on the subjects I write about, some titles to follow. I befriended a previously top ranking immigration diplomat. That information source alone is incredible!

My favorite saying is an old Mongolian proverb, "if you are going to tell the truth keep one foot in the stirrup"! The people in the media are constrained by the elites of the world as to what they can share. There was even a court ruling the said, "it is not the responsibility of news networks to tell the truth". In this medium of information sharing we are less restrained and careers and lives cannot be ruined here. At least I hope so.

So ladies and gentlemen saddle up because the shits gonna hit the fan, I'm going to upset the apple cart, stir up the pot and see what I can come up with.

Some books I read are A Little History of the world by E.H. Gombrich, The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein, Confessions of an Economic Hitman by John Perkins, Dieing for a Hamburger, and The End of Food. Can't remember authors of last two.


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