Weird ass dream.

Before I woke up today Ih ad a really weird dream that was very familiar and I dont kow where from, So I have  decided to write as much of it here.

Me and my older sister Andrea for some reason moved away and I was very sad because I could only see my friends during te summer and I have enver had to move somehwere new where I had to make friends.

I was standing at the front office desk figuring out soemthing like where my classes are and stuff, and I burst into tears and then some really weird looking chick started talkin to me and I got all scared and then I ran away.

Later on I was at home with Andrea ( apparently in the dream we lived by ourselves).I was sitting on hte couch and Andrea walks out with two giant bongs and a zong. She tells me that shes going to a new friends hosue and then I decide to come with her.

The next dya we are at school and I am walking down a stairwell with some chick I randomly emtt and became friends with, And the lights slowly start going off from bottom to top, And we can see people running up the stairs after the lights go off in that area. We flip out and run up the stairs and run by two preppy bitches and then when we get to the door we hear them screaming and shit.

Then it flashes to some weird gymnasium thing where its all really dark, ANd the two preppy girls are lying on hte matts with some people jsut kinda loitering around them.

It gets fuzzy here and I cant really remember, But I do remember that me and my friend find out that apparently the school has vampires.

We walk into the gym and see a giant net on the ceiling filled with dead bodies, ANd then all the vampire people start like chasing us down and were flipping out, then my friend randomly pulles out a tape player and starts playing what sounds like an exorcism. The vampires dont like this so they leave us alone.

The next day me and my friend are getting all our vampire killing stuff together and then we are walking down the street at dusk, ANd then I woke up.


Uploaded 01/28/2009
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