Weird dream I just had

Of course I won't be able to do it justice, but I remember some details.

I'm driving my forest green olds intrigue up to Brattleboro, VT. When I get around the mass/VT border the roads turn to crap. There are 2 unpaved, rocky/muddy/ditchy roads that could take me the rest of the way. The one on the left goes up a steep hill, maybe too steep, and just doesn't feel right. The one on the right is more level but in even worse condition. Very narrow, windy and foreboding. Not sure even the olds can navigate them safely. 

I stop at an odd coffee house or something, and it turns out I have to get to Brattleboro via some vacuum tube that i don't think I could even fit thru. I punch my debit card pin number into a pad and it supposedly takes me there. 

Some way or another I end up in my coolified version of Brattleboro. Like other dreams I've had about the town, my dream version of it is far cooler than reality. It's bigger and cooler and just lots more fun. 

Next I'm at a large old victorian house full of college aged kids. They're very into being different, doing drugs and artistic stuff and all that. They seem to like me okay, and for the most part I think I'll like being around them. The house has lots of rooms. In one I see some lanky young cats playing around, so I go in to check them out.

I'm only doing that for a moment when a beautiful cat girl enters the room. She's young and blonde, but like half her face is black. If you can imagine the part of a stagecoach robber's face that's covered by a bandana, that's the part of this girl's face that is mostly black, but with some other colors mixed in, like a real cat might have. She's in some dark, sexy cat outfit. 

I compliment them on the kitties and the cat girl takes a big interest in me right away. She pounces on me and before I knew it, she starts going down on me. I'm laying on my back in like a state of paralysis or something, not able to speak very well. I guess she caught me a bit off guard. 

Unfortunately, like all my dream sex, this stops far too soon. I never know why that is, but I hate it! Even so, cat girl probably wins best sex moment in a dream, 2010 from me. She was really something else. I wish I could draw her.

I don't know for how long I was living amongst these interesting people, but for the most part it was lots of fun. However, some of them didn't believe in ownership of things or whatever, and one of the main dudes decided to steal my macbook. I'm only able to get it back from him after I put his skinny ass in a headlock, lay down on my back and put my thighs around his mid-section.

There's no homo here. He wasn't facing me, he was on his back and I started squishing his guts with my legs. My legs were either really strong or he was really soft, because he mushes right in, agrees to return my macbook. I use it to make songs and show them how cool I really am.

There are some other moments I can remember. I think the kids had some beefs with the local cops, performed some sort of protesty raid of their headquarters. Beau Bridges made a brief appearance, seemingly as an trusted "cool" adult type intermediary between the two groups.

Near the end, I recall my best friend out of the group and I had some type of success and became wealthy. He opened a fancy bar or coffee shop, and this left many disenchanted with him.

It was a fun dream... wish I had more like it. 


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