Weird Dream

So i just remembered my dream last night, that was very very weird, and thought i'd share..

it was a couple days after my birthday i guess, and i was talking to my friends about what i should do now that i'm 18. well one of them said "omg, you could totally do porn now!" and for some strange reason, i htought it was a great idea..

so i go to some place and talk to a woman that was in charge of doing pornos i guess, and she started asking me a whole bunch of questions, one being "do you like anal?" and i responded that i had never had it (which is weird because i have in real life) and she looked at some guy sitting down next to her and they got all excited and she goes "omg! your an actual first timer! we have to have you!"

so next thing i know i'm in some room and i'm dressed up as a cat, which was basically the same costume as a halloween costume i wore when i was like 7, and was basically a black leotard, black tights, black gloves, black fuzzy cat ears, with black painted on the tip of my nose, and drawn on right?

so then they guy who was going to be in the movie with me comes out, and it's one of my friends, nick, who has been trying to get with me for years (in real life) and i said i wasn't going to do it if he was the guy, but the people explained he paid them $1000 to be in the i walkout, into public, with my cat costume..

then i go to tell all my friends about it when my dog's barking wakes me..

very strange..

Uploaded 12/07/2008
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