Weird old people.

I have nothing against old people because everyone becomes a prune at one point but there are alot mof weird old people out there. Some mof them are cool and funny but then there are ones that jsut scare the living shit out of me. Here are some examples.

When I was about in grade eight I was walking to my friends house with my boyfriend. The old guy walking behind us said something to him and then my boyfriend whispered in my ear to corss the street. after begging him to tell me what the old guy said he did. The old man had asked if I was for sale. I am still creeped out by that.

My friend Cody was Tim Hortons on his lunch the other day and the old guy sitting at the table next to him got up to leave then leaned in and said "Do you want a headbutt?" and the headbutted cody. Weird eh?

Something else that bothers me is when middle aged men stare at young girls. Like Im not the hottest chick in the world but Id say im decent, And others would agree. But I hate being stared at. Like why do these men stare. Do they really think if they oggle our tits enough that we will jump into their arms screaming "Fuck me now, Give it to me hard you old pedo".

If you are going to stare at a much younger girl, At least do it when she's not looking.

Uploaded 11/04/2008
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