well fuck me

this is a half-assed re-edit of my last blog on this site. i removed a reference to haUmight cuz she is a lying bitch and some contact info tht i really dont want anyone to know.



this is straight bullshit. where am i gonna drop my mental feces now? where can i find a place to rant and rave and spew the insanity i can here? i used to get kicked out of resturaunts for sayin the shit i get to say here. no one else wants to hear about how big my shit was this mornin or how i would love to ass rape Brad Pitt at the local 7-eleven. especially the beat cop that i'm screaming it at from the roof. this place was an everyday free shrink. now i dont have a healthy outlet. some of youz guyz gave some pretty good advice and had some really funny things to say. i came to think of acouple of y'all as people i would consider not spitting on in person even! Big Bad, you helped me realize that canadians are people too, Dirtysanchez you showed me that i'm not the only deranged sexual deviant that mind molests people, Danzig you are cool as fuck, Bohank was the grandpa i never had,and everyone else that i might not mention it's not because you haven't taught/ shown me something about life, it's just that i'm lazy and don't feel like writing everyone on here.

*update* i have recently sould my soul to satan in order to become a better writer. i have been spewing forth some of the most disgusting filth that has compelled people to call me "genious" and "awe inspiring". i will "bring it". i will "represent". all you copypasta and lame ass posters better get that fuck outta the way son.

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