Well how about that..

So the other day i was at the mall with 2 of my friends getting some food in the eatery, and the topic of sex came up and both my friends were complaining how they havn't had sex in a long time. one, who has had sex before, was with this really religious girl, and the other who just broke up with his gf when school started, and isn't all too atractive, hasn't been able to get lucky in college so far..

So i said that i didn't know how they did it (were talking a couple of months, the one with the religious gf like a year) and that it's been like 3 weeks for me and i'm already really feeling it. so one says "dude just get a vibrator" and i'm like yea i've been meaning to

And like the good friend he is goes and buys me a vibrator and let me tell you i've been missin out..

So the point of the blog is i used it for the first time earlier today and actually squirted..i didn't think it was a real thing and that in pornos it was fake or that they were just peeing or something..but hot damn it's real..

i don't know i was just bored and thought i'd share my findings

Uploaded 11/23/2008
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