Well, I'm Drunk, but Screw the Edit!

I was going to try and make this romantic, but fuck it. It's not like anyone gives a fuck. My customer, rightly, complained of squeaky floors, so I caulked them with PL Premium construction adhesive  from underneath, making my finger tip raw. I then installed Ruxol sound and fire batts between the floor joists, custom fitting  each and every piece. 

So I now have super glue in my hair, itchy arms and legs. Some farmer's asshole sold me some green peppers as sweet peppers. But they be hot fucking peppers. How did I confirm that? Well, after chopping them up for a stir fry, I pulled out my pecker for a pee and after a few seconds my dick was on fire. 

At first, it was like my dick was a ten inch space heater but soon cooled down to a one inch glow plug. 
I jumped into the shower and washed my hands, followed by my hair, then my ass and  finally under my scrotum. By the time I got to my scrotum, my eyes were burning, my ass was on fire, my balls were like fire plugs. 

That was my day, I made a good wage, but the pepper made it fun.

Uploaded 10/25/2012
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