We're all liars...

Listen up 'tards. We all lie every single fucking day of our lives. We lie to our wives, husbands, children, bosses, whoever. Shit, most of us even lie to ourselves and most of THEM believe themselves.

I mentioned in a comment on Tomlet's blog that, when it comes to women, I'm fucked if I lie and I'm fucked if I don't. If a woman showed interest in me and I told her the truth about myself she would hit the fucking sound barrier trying to get away. Same goes for me lying to her, once she found out I was lying she would disappear faster than a mirror of coke would in front of me a few years back.

Shit, we are such judgmental creatures that I know for sure if I blogged a completely 100% honest blog there are people here that would not talk to me again. That's why we aren't honest people...fear. Fear of judgment, ridicule, ostracism and the lies of others.

It's not the liars we should be angry with and throw stones at. It's the people that judge others with such malice that should be hated.

There will always be liars but there will always be judgmental fucks who, in turn, create more of them. Think about it!


Dishonest Deunan

Uploaded 12/26/2010
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