Westboro Baptist Church

This Topeka, Kansas based church creates chaos and preaches "hate".  In their self-righteous indignation, they are extremely offensive, even to the "KKK" or Ku Klux Klan.  They are zealous heretics who have abandoned the true teachings of Jesus Christ and the Church.  They specifically target gays and lesbians with their messages of HATE.  They HATE the Jewish people and are very anti-semitic, when their own King James Bibles teach them that the Jews are "God's Chosen People".   I guess that they do not know that their own OLD TESTAMENT was derived from the Hebrew Torah. 

They surely don't know that King James was a homosexual.  The evident "homophobia" of this group tends to make psychologists wonder why so much of their hatred is focused on gays and lesbians. 

These WBC self-righteous hypocrites seek fame and recognition.  What they are gaining instead is a form of dangerous notoriety.  It wouldn't surprise me to learn soon that this group will start burning the Koran or the Bible, or even crosses for that matter.  If these idiots don't stop their messages of "hate" and cruel self-righteous condemnations, they will surely find new enemies.  The poison and venom that they spew may get shoved back into their faces.  They have even indoctrinated their young children with messages of HATE.  Even their song lyrics are full of hate.

 I categorize this ignorant hate-filled group as self-righteous bigots who judge others.  What they have forgotten is "Judge not, lest YOU be judged!"

The adults of the congregation are flirting with disaster and playing with fire.  They are placing these small children on picket lines, which may subject them to dangers. 

When they have funerals, I wonder how many people will protest and thank God that they died, and thank God for the method of death as well.  Well...God Bless America!

Uploaded 04/30/2012
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