what a book

I'v been on staycation for the last couple of weeks and decided in between honey do's assigned by what's her name to try catch up on some of my reading. Now I don't know why it took me so long to get around to reading it, but I have  to say there is a book out there that I would reccomend for everyone on this site that has an interest in learning . No it's not a book on grammar and punctuation (obviously never read one of those).

It is the book Exodus by Leon Uris.

I have to say as a person who feels himself reasonably well informed about most things and very well informed about little, I found this book engaging, eye opening and interesting all at once.

Now I won't say that everything in this book is (pardon the pun) Gospel truth  and I definitely understand dramatic license and the use of a storyline to tell a tale, but I have got to say that this was definitely (in my opinion) a real educational and important piece of work. I am not naive enough to think that Mr Uris is the ultimate authority on the establishment of Israel as a nation but there are definite thngs to be learned from this novel..

I strongly encourage anyone who has not read the book to do so and if you have read it maybe re-visit it.

Again I realize the novel is just that, but it did give me some small insights into the middle east and definitely  picqued my interest in that area and the dynamic that drives it.

That's all I hhave to say except that next time I blog I definitely will not use definitely as many times


Give the book a chance




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