what a crazy week

its been a crazy week. i own my own business, and in addition to all the stress that comes with that, i had family in town this week. alot of family, 8 people in fact. none of them told us they were coming. good times. im kind of a private person and i like my own space. so having that many people going through my dvds, fucking with my stuff was taxing to say the least.

one of my pride possessions is my dvd collection. right now its a little over three thousand dvds. they are all on shelves and i keep them in alphabetical order. it seems anal but you try finding a particular movie to watch when you have three thousand to sort through. i dont mind people watching them but it pisses me off to no avail when they dont put them back. moreover if i catch you using one as a coaster youre likely to get stabbed in the eye with a tuning fork.

then i come home from work to find my cousin passed out stoned in my car. i open the garage and there he is door open, leg hanging out and stereo blaring. i dont even smoke, so for someone to hotbox my car and pass out in it is incomprehensible to me. especially with that car because ive put alot of work into it. body kit, stereo, nitrous, carbon fiber hood, tvs, dvd player, lamborghini doors, i put alot of time into it.

so i try to be a good host and say nothing this whole week, then i find them wearing my clothes! now, my bedroom is on the second floor and they were all on the 1st. the only way for them to get my clothes was to go upstairs and go into my closet. what the fuck! they all smoke so theres cigarettes all over my front yard even though i put a bucket out there for them, and noone offers to clean so i do it all myself.

by the end of the week i was happy to see them all go. i love my family but come on, theirs such a thing as too much good stuff. now for the coup de grace. my wife and i got into an argument ( in retrospect it was my fault) and now im sleeping on the couch. unfuckingbelievable! next time i think ill rent tham all a hotel and when it comes to my wife? ill learn to shut my mouth

Uploaded 08/10/2008
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