What are you going to do!!!!!

Past the point of hope , I believe we have entered what is the reality of the future.  Devastating war is upon us.  Nothing but blood shed will be all over the grounds of our fellow friends.  You will no longer wake up and get ready for work , but rather wake up quite, hungry, fighting for survival.  This is what will happen.  Maybe not tomorrow, but then again who knows.
   Just the other day they found a 16 mile long tunnel system under Moammar Gadhafi compound leading to the airport.  Not only that but Chemical warfare materials.  Ok, so meaning this guy was or still is wanting a war within his own country.  Maybe even with other countries.  I'm sorry to say this, but I love my country so much I will fight for it.  We need to quit all the damn bitching about who likes gays and who doesn't, learn that we all are people, no matter what sex you like.  You think it's wise to start bitching about that stupid shit when there are more important things going on. 
  Time for a change, all this stupid bitching on EBW about neko and everyone else , who gives a rats ass, is for just the enjoyment of reading people write shit, you really think your opinion on rather or not she is crazy or what the fuck else really matters.  Come on really.  NO ONE CARES....I'm not defending no one, all i'm saying is there needs to be a matter of what we can do to better not fight among each If someone was to start talking shit about america that's different then everyone who loves america needs to stand up and defend that shit.  
Further more....your NOT FUCKING HARD JUST CAUSE YOU CAN SIT BEHIND A DAMN COMPUTER SCREEN AND TYPE A FUCKING LETTER WITH CURSE WORDS OR THREATEN SOMEONE.  You really think just cause you do that that person is going to sit there and go "Holy shit, that guy is going to mess me up I need to quit" , for real.  Wow either you need to get a new Hobby or join a Gym that has Boxing classes so then we can see how tough you are.  
But whatever, I just hate seeing the way everything is,  close the boarder's , quit letting people in that do not have right papers, can speak fucking English a little bit.  WHY ARE WE THE DAMN WORLDS POLICE FOR CHRIST SAKE.  YOU DON'T SEE OTHER COUNTRY S HELPING US WHEN WE HAVE A PROBLEM, katrina, tornadoes in Joplin  earthquakes, and another natural disaster I can't think of right now.
Fuck it, when your sitting there bitching cause you think that gay rights and apportion are more important than what is really going on , i'm going to sit there and laugh at you saying I fucking told you so !!!
Uploaded 08/25/2011
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