What art do you like

I had planned to write another blog a couple of weeks ago but i am pretty busy so anyways... I have loved art for along time, it is something i will always love and always make time for no matter how busy my life gets. I am not the most talented but i am a perfectionist about it. I have started doing art on the computer and i think i have found my greatest passion. I was on my laptop the other night changing a old sketch of mine into digital art, I probably started working on it at about 5:00 and didn't get up or even notice the time going by till it was nearly 9:00. I see that other people here have art interests so i would just like to share some of my recent work and see what you guys think.
The bottom one isn't finished i still have a ton of detail work to do i will upload the finished one later.
On a side note anyone want to explain how to put a picture in my blog?

Uploaded 03/25/2011
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