What idiots do

I got a couple PMs from Neko claiming that he'd made me his bitch.  That event had slipped my mind. 


It's a shame for him to get attention, but I think my reply might help a couple people here how actually get mad at his capering. 


I asked for clarification as to how I'm to be considered his bitch and asked the context of the statement.  Neko replied that I was his bitch in every way, except sexual.  I don't know if he was being deliberately dense, or didn't understand the context of the word "context" in my question.


"That doesn't really tell me why you'd think I'm your bitch.  You've proven to be pretty mediocre in your intelligence.  You preach about manners, but your demeanor is immature and offensive.  Your "expensive" tastes are child-like and undeveloped.  Your taste in film and music is not any better (although I did just get that videogame girl movie you reviewed, I'll give it an honest chance when I get around to watching it).


What's worse is your opinion about people is pretty much valueless.  Nobody really cares what you think about them.  Your offensive and evil comments about my children might actually bother me if they came from somebody else.  But from you, they're merely interesting.  It's really like watching some deranged person smear their shit on the walls.  It's interesting in it's horrid nature and the fact that somebody with intelligence or a developed sense of morality would never do it.

As I've said before, you're toe jam. 



I don't even wish you weren't here.  You're kind of like an ugly experiment in sociology to me.  My only regret is that some people actually seem to be bothered by you and you fished a couple good bloggers with bogus 'personal information' so you could get a temporary upload ban on them.

You're not even a real troll.  We've had better around here.  Eshel was a real troll and his blogs weren't laced with shitty music."



Edit:  I need to go to bed, but I'll just copy/paste the latest PM from Neko.  I'll leave out the part where he gives me his personal information (real name and where he lives) as he's trying to fish me in to an upload ban like he did some other "quality bloggers."



Neko PM'd:  "This is your problem - you are a troll and respect other trolls like you. That's why you like eshel, a guy who got banned for giving out Misstawpa's personal information and directing threats towards her. If that's the guy you admire, it only proves your low mannerism and troglodyte logic. Tyaeda got banned for giving out my personal information from my facebook and the data matched the filled claim for a 10$ buck Visa I ordered to ************** ************ *************** *********** **************** ************** **************  and the persons responsible for the posting of my information were punished by the administrators. So you tell me - who's the troll here? I'll give you a hint. It's you, bitch"



I replied:  "Wait... Am I a troll?  Or your bitch?  You're confusing the issue.


I didn't say I respected eshel, I said he was a real troll.  He actually pushed people's buttons and riled some shit up.  He was offensive and knew it.


This persona you've adopted is just lame and self contradicting.


By what logic do you make the statement that I'm a troll.  That's even less defensible than the statement that I'm your bitch.


Internet troll - someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.


I post actual blogs.  The only deviation from that is the one I just posted about your PM about me being a bitch.  Please, give me an example of my trollitude.


While you're at it, please tell me why you think that I'm "your bitch."


I'm off to bed now, I'll have to wait to finish playing with you tomorrow.  I have to get up early and it's already 2:00 here.  I had a busy day:  I took my kids swimming, we saw a movie together, I had a fantastic night with the new girlfriend while the kids where at their grandmother's, stayed up late playing with my kids after I picked them up, and then I cleaned my kitchen.


What did you do today?  Trolled on the internet?  You know it's just a series of tubes, right?"

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