What Inspires Beauty from within People?

In the age before fuel or even the wheel, people who struggled looked upon mountains as ugly things, for they were obstacles and presented challenges in the minds of men. Today, they are things to be conquered, to be soared above or if you have the bucks, a helicopter ski lift paradise.  

Almost any woman's face can be transformed into beauty by the application of make-up. A bare ceiling can be transposed into the image of God given the right amount of incentive along with a dash of eternal damnation. 

I find beauty even within the rotting corpses of  mass graves during WWII. Not because the people suffered or that they themselves are gone, but because they will no longer suffer. Death is eternal freedom. Still, there is a kind of beauty or fringe benefit humans receive when they are given a reason to complain of a wrong brought upon them. This emotion inspires us to fight back, to enliven us to find ways  to overcome our challenges. 

It is, what ever is wrong or in our way, that inspires us to create beautiful things. From music to armies, from life and to death, beauty is always there.

Death & Beauty (Photo Slideshow) from Nakayama Studios Films on Vimeo.

Uploaded 04/10/2013
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