What is freedom?

Today I was asked " what is freedom? ". Although everyones aspect will always be slightly different reguarding who they are. The governments definition of freedom differs from most of ours, the truth is that there is no such thing as a free country or freedom of speech. As long as there is an economy and a government freedom will have its boundaries. Freedom from is different than freedom. To many people think freedom would be having absolutely no boundaries, so there is no such thing as a free country. The way to freedom goes through higher ability. Without boundaries freedom would be impossible to understand. A common fallacy reguarding freedom is to assume that it is a byproduct of modern democracy. The only freedom that a democracy bestows practically on its members to have the right, every few years or so to vote on one of a set group of represantatives. democracy can only be an agent of freedom if it gives the people meaningful voting choices.


We dont know freedom and cannot accomplish it, unless we can understand and define it.

What is your definition of freedom.

Uploaded 05/27/2009
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