What is India watching these days on video sites?


After the introduction of Web 2.0 into internet, online entertainment has speed up like never before. And this speed-up received fuel from video sites like youtube, metacafe, google video, which allowed people to upload their videos for free.

Believe it or not, but most of the video websites have majority of users from India, after USA. Because they are aware of Indian popularity and psychology. They know that if they can impress Indian users then traffic graph of their site will just boom. And it has. You will come to know if you research the Alexa graph of popular videos sites like Youtube and Metacafe.

Indian viewers mostly watch bollywood videos, cricket videos, desi videos and funny videos today. Bollywood being the most popular industry in India, it receives huge number of hits in any video website.

For example, if you go to youtube and search for bollywood video or bollywood videos, you will get a huge list of videos in that genre, likewise go for desi video or desi videos, masala videos, comedy videos and you will have un-ending list of videos to watch.

I was recently going through some traffic showing website, which tells us the traffic details of a given website and its rank in particular country. I checked the list of Top 100 Indian website and I was amazed to see that, most of the sites are Entertainment based which includes social networking sites, videos sites and other forums. Most of the sites are not Indians. So this tells the power of Indian users to any website.

And now with the era of digital camera and handycams, people are even taking their own videos and upload them to such video websites. There are some sites which even pay users for their videos if they submit to their site and meet the terms and norms of that site.

Looks like Television media has to work hard to save their viewers from internet video sites.



Uploaded 05/30/2008
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