What my wife considers good music (with sexy wife pic)

I recently wrote a blog about how, in addition to an insanely increased libido, my wife has started to listen to music that makes me want to beat kittens to death with puppies.  Lady Gaga, Rihanna (I fucking had to look up that fucking stupid spelling just now), and... I'm embarassed to say Lady Antebellum.  When I heard the Lady Antebellum song, I tied two puppies together by the tails and puppy-chucked a whole litter of kittens to death.


I might have given you the idea that my wife just listens to bugglegum shit music.  I got a text today from my wife telling me that we have tickets to two System of a Down shows.  The Vegas tickets, I know, cost at least a couple hundred bucks each.  I doubt the Albequerque show was that much, but with transportation and hotel, it'll eventually set me back even more.


Since I'm a teacher, raping the US taxpayer for an inappropriately high salary, my wife makes a shitload more money than I.  She's also pretty fucking hot.  Here's what she wore when we went out for sexy time last weekend:




So, if she's mostly paying for it, I don't mind dumping the kids off with the mother-in-law for a weekend and raise hell with my hot wife in New Mexico.  Hotel sex fucking rocks too.  I'll be almost totally recovered from my surgery by then.

Uploaded 03/10/2011
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