What NOT to Buy with Food Stamps...

These are actual items bought by a group of people, commonly referred to as "You People."

-Birthday Cakes

-- I guess some family was celebrating a Ghetto-Style wedding and purchased a $110 full-sheet cake with Food Stamps...  A full-sheet cake usually measures 2ft x 4ft.  EXPENSIVE...

-Deli Sandwiches

--Food stamps are not meant to be used to purchase prepared foods, unless they're frozen.  But I've seen people purchase 7-10 sandwiches all at once, with Food Stamps. 

-Hot Food Items

--You CANNOT buy hot food with food stamps, but these low-lifes know the loopholes, so they'll walk away for a minute and then come back saying they got the wrong UPC (bar code) for their food and switch it out for a cold food item code.

-Bags of Ice

--Ice???  You can also buy bags of ice with food stamps. God forbid someone learn how to operate an ice cube tray. (JohnnyBax)

These are just a few of what people do when they're being lazy on Food Stamps and collecting unemployment to finance their Escalades and Cadallac WTF's...  All of which comes out of my hard earned paychecks as taxes.  Fuck these low-life, lazy, sand-baggin'-son-of-a-bitch, mooching-motherfuckers...


Uploaded 05/16/2010
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