What Pisses Me Off Vol. 2

So today started off pretty good. I woke up, showered, ate breakfast, and off to class I went. I get there with 10 minutes to spare, students keep coming in, but the prof is a bit late. Fifteen minutes later, still no prof. Another 30 minutes later, no prof. I finally decide to check my student mail, and I see an email from our prof, sent 5 minutes before the start of class saying "I am ill, class is excused for today. We will pick up on Tuesday. Sorry for the inconvenience." WTF prof? Why the hell would you send a mass email to 150 student FIVE MINUTES BEFORE CLASS? YOURE WASTING OUR TIME! I'm paying nearly $4000 a semester, GET A SUBSTITUTE OR A TEACHER'S ASSISTANT TO COME TEACH CLASS!! I'm sure you can do without $100, since you make six figures anyway.  That pisses me right off. Dumb university professors.

Another thing that pisses me off, rabbits. I have a pet rabbit. He's fairly easy to take care of, pretty well behaved. His name is Alejandro if you're wondering. Anyways, I come home from school only to find he shit himself everywhere. So I went out and bought more wood shavings for his bedding, and cleaned it. An hour later I went to see what he was doing, HE SHIT HIMSELF AGAIN! Not just a few droppings here and there, no..there was shit EVERYWHERE. It isn't diarhea, cause it was normal droppings. But FUCK! He needs to lay off the lettuce.

What pisses you off? Write in the comments! I will read!

Uploaded 09/23/2010
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