What Pisses Me Off Vol. 8

Alrite so it's census time in Canada, and I happen to work for Statistics Canada which oversees all census forms. The form takes literally 5-10 minutes to complete and asks nothing personal about anyone except birthday. Since it's the law to fill one out and you can be prosecuted if you don't, you'd think that people would actually take 5-10 minutes to fill it out, right? But no. Some retarded fuckers are too braindead to even consider the consequences of not filling it out. And that's when they send people like me out to go fill one out with them. So now they fill it out, right? NOPE! They tell you to "Piss off", "I ain't fillin that shit out", "Go away or I'll call the cops!", etc. This is when I say "If you fill it out now, you'll never see me again and make my job a lot easier sir/ma'am". And wtf? Call the cops? Please, go ahead! They'll tell your dumb ass to fill it out anyway! Holy fuck people are fucking retarded. After they shut the door on me with an uncompleted census, I've gotta go back in a couple days anyway! Knock knock, surprise! It's me again cause your ignorant dumb ass refused to fill it out last time! And hey, I'm gonna keep coming back until it's filled! SO JUST FILL IT OUT AND QUIT WASTING MY TIME. Fuck wow.


What Pisses You Off?

Uploaded 06/25/2011
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