What should I do?

I'm seeking some advice here.  Just hit me with what you think, unless you're going to be a dick then go to someone else's blog and comment.  I'm a guy in my mid-20's and I've been living on my own since I was 18.  My parents do not help me out in any way with my living expenses, and I have a well paying job and take care of myself.  With that said, I've never really had a job I truly enjoyed.  Sometimes I get so stressed out I feel like I'm getting ulcers.  Until recently, I managed a business that took in over $950,000 in an average week, with 5,000 customers daily and around 200 employees.  It was too much for me and I took another job.  I make the same amount of money now, but it's a completely different line of work.  The stress level, however, is still very much the same.  With any higher paying job comes more stress.  My parents are both very successful (monetarily speaking, as if that's really a true measure), and work in a highly professional atmosphere (think suits and briefcases).  Therefore, they have expectations for me to work in a similar environment.  Everyone in my family has a college degree, because not having one would be unacceptable.  

On the weekends I work at a restaurant/night club and I absolutely love it.  I make considerably less per hour than my regular job during the week.  My parents do not know about it, they only know about my "real" job.  I actually look forward to going to work there every weekend.  In fact, I envy those who work there full time, and I wish I could be like them.  During the week it's another story, I dread waking up and dealing with the stresses of a high paying job.  Deep down, I want to quit that job, get a full time job similar to my weekend one, make less money, and just live a simpler life.  I'm really not a material person, and I am more interested in the quality of my life than the material things that are in it.  The only catch is that my parents would never approve.  They would probably disown me.  I know that this sounds ridiculous to some of you, but I'm trapped between wanting to live up to my parents' expectations (as misguided as they may be), and living the life I really want.  What should I do?

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