What side to chose or

Alot of people are on the fence. There has been a spam and hack wars to this shit." which sadly I was Involved in", but there is more to this. Eric Bauman made out. The story was that they the Original Ebaums Crew in a sad story were stripped of the web site and dignity. But read what Neil Bauman said"Eric's dad" google it.............They pretty much made out from the beggining 17pluss and over the years made 52mil and got sevrance pay when let go.  Here is the facts guys.

Question to yourself.

Why did you join Ebaumsworld? Was it for Bauman or to upload the best content on the web?

I'm sorry but this whole spheele is a joke, and just a fad. next week it will all mean nothing. eBaums is still the same as it was before. Me personnally " I joined for the chatroom", then met a great group and then it went to a community. I could care fucking care less about what route Ebaums on both sides goes. Ebaumsworld isn't about the mods or power. It is about the media and Users................plain and simple.

All I can say is things change and life goes on. This isn't the end of the world.



Uploaded 02/08/2009
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