What the hell is her problem?!?!?!

Okay so it started with my friend, Ivonne. Me and her always use to hang out together, just use. But than, she introduced me two her new friends, Beckie, Yessenia, and Pam. And ever scince that, I started hanging out with with them and my other friend Marylu. We would always go to this place we called "the corner". But anyways, all of us would all the time meet up there for lunch and nutrition/breakfast. But then, Beckie started talking shit about me and my other friends that hung out with her. Ever scince that, i just hung out with her cuz my friends wanted to hang out with her. I dont know why she hated me cuz i dont recall ever doing something to her. The only reason my friends still hung out with her even though they knew she was talking shit behind there backs was cuz talking shit was something she did and they kwen it. But just like me, Pam didnt like beckie talking shit so she stopped hanging out with us. After months without Pam, we still continued to hang out without her. but one day while my friends where eating, marylu needed to go to the bathroom and she asked me to come with her. i did and i saw pam in the bathrooms. i was so happy to see her cuz i havent seen her in a long time. i went up to her and told her hi. she didnt say any thing back. then i asked her, "how come you dont hang out with beckie yessenia or ivonne any more?" she ignored me completly and started saying stuff to her friend and started giggleing!!! i was so mad and still am cuz it happenned recently. i didnt do any thing to her. i know she might of been my friend for a while but i'll say it any way... WHAT A BITCH!!!

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