What we've come down to.

We as Americans have effected the world in a tremendous way, well in many ways actually. Some good, the light bulb, the telephone, airplanes, cars, but the amount of bad out weighs that. I say that because, for as long as we've been a country we've always been at war with somebody. The Revolutionary War, us against the British for our liberty, and freedom, and our rights. This lead to the Constitution, Bill of Rights. We then went from thirteen colonies to 13 states. After a few years we talk about taking the rest the land going west. Manifest Destiny comes in now. We literary fight and basically wipe out Native Americans, depriving them of there land, and letting them live on reservations. After that we get into with the British again, in the war of 1812. Then later WW1, WW2, Vietnam, Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, and most likely soon Iran. Not to mention all of the other 130 Countries America currently has permanent military bases in. Why are we all around the world, and why our we questioning why we are so far in debt? Look at us, spending like crazy, bases everywhere, constantly building prison camps, infringing upon the rights of our citizens, and letting the rich and wealthy rule. So what we have come down to a hope for someone, anyone, and change all of this, because if we don't then we as Americans will fail. I'm not saying that America's bad, or down talking the Constitution or the Bill of Rights. All great things, when they were ran by the right people, and we are not anymore. Its time to get the right people into the office. People that are going to get stuff done. Someone like Ron Paul.

Uploaded 03/27/2012
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