Whatcha music sound like?

So im in college, right? (hehe.. me, its a joke within itself)

Im going for a bachelors degree in VaP or for those who dont know what VaP stands for, its Video and Audio Production.

Sometime around quarter 3-4ish, we were told that as a class, we need to make a cool music video. I was kind of excited, but then he told us the music needs to be pleasing to a large enough crowd. Then my teacher gave me that... "you no what the fuck im talking about" look. Quite ironically, and as you all know, im quite a big metallica fan, im wearing my Ride the Lightning tshirt lol (if ur lookin for something to listen to, give it a shot)

wow.. that went off topic. If you ever notice anything about me, anything i write i dont erase. i keep it, bcuz its the first thing that popped up in my head, and i dont go back on it.

So just asking 2 questions here, just for the hell of it.

1.) What should we pick as a song? Please include artist and song title.

2.) Personally, (just so i get 2 know u all MUCH MUCH better) what kind of music do you listen to?

and again.. the music has to appeal to the largest crowd possible, so no vulgarity, no swearing, and no sexual innuendo, or anything fun :(

now... get to your typing. I dont have all day!

actually.. i do have all day, so take ur time :P

Uploaded 08/20/2009
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