Whats happening to our college football???

well i just got back to my house from the OU-TCU game and while i was there i noticed that the only good teams in the nation right now are OU and USC(even though they got spanked by OSU, which made my weekend :) this week the #1 USC, #4 Florida got beat by unranked opponents and #3 georgia got their asses spoon-fed to them by alabama(Georgia was always way over-rated but that was pathetic). wake forest got beat by NAVY!!!!!!!! wake forest was like #16 or somethin like that. #9 wisconsin got beat by a really crappy Michigan team. next week OU will be #1, but who will be #2? Alabama? Mizzou? LSU? Ive been an OU fan all my life and i will NEVER root against them, but OU did not look like a #1 team tonight but they deserve to be where they are because they havent been beaten by a crap team this season i want to know what all the college football fans on ebaums think about this season so far. and if you agree or disagree with me, thanks NoswaD
Uploaded 09/28/2008
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