What's More Important than God?

I imagine most people, (well I hope so) have already answered that question. The most important thing ever, even above God, is love. If mankind, would as a whole embrace love for one another as a daily ritual the need for God and his very existence would disappear. I can imagine God, after witnessing a world who has come to terms with itself, moved on beyond fears, superstition, discrimination, greed and all that holds us back as free thinking loving and creative beings, saying, " My work is done here" and then blasting apart into some sort of orgasmic astrological occurrence. 

What holds us back from realizing our potential on the planet? Fear, fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of government, fear of police, fear of assholes entering our houses as we sleep at night, fear of getting beat up by strangers when we cross paths, fear of being taken as a fool in some exchange. Stage fright, speaking not only someone else's words, but silenced from speaking out your own thoughts. We can institute all the laws, rights and privileges we want, but if an individual feels uninvolved, unloved, unimportant, they are silenced by their own fear. I would bet the world has past up and rejected great thinkers, before even they knew they were. There is certainly a history of those great people who gained the courage to speak their thoughts while others put them down or in some cases totally destroyed them. Can you imagine how many great human minds and idea's have been eliminated because the individual could not find the courage?

I myself, without this form of communication could not possibly develop the courage to express my thoughts in a more public way. Now, I know my thoughts are not great, but some do find them interesting, but even with the anonymity of this venue, I'm sure many are silenced due to the possibility of being traced back or identified by electronic means or that whore of the internet, Facebook. 

This corruption of human expression and creativity could be averted by a more loving and accepting society and the human potential could be realized and God would feel no need to exist outside of us but as an inherent part within us. Simply God is love and our creative ability is an expression of our love, never let fear stifle it.

Uploaded 02/13/2013
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