what's the next thousand dollar thing??

As everybody probably knows the iphone is now available in Canada. There were lines and lines to go and buy it..but what's going to happen in a year??? There's probably going to be another type of awesome touch screen cell phone with a person that pops out of it. So what is the point of spending 600$ on cell phone that will be called "old" in just one year. The thing is no matter what we buy in technology it's always going to be "old" sooner or later. That's why we spend thousands and thousands of dollars, on tv like plasma and hdtv! Why can't there be one tv that will always be good, and "new". But now there's also a thing called "blue rays dvd"....again, we have to spend money to buy the new dvd, and buy new dvds that will play on the dvd player. Technology is a million dollar business, so if you invent something that is very super duper awesome, more likely you'll become a millionaire. But it has to look first class. Because these days nothing is good unless it's first class. The technology has to be good, the looks have to be shiny, smooth and thin. What will the world come up with next? I guess it's for all of us to wonder!
What's the next thousand dollar thing will we buy??

Uploaded 07/23/2008
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