When did civil servants become the masters?

I've been pondering this topic for quite a while and figured I was not the only one with these thoughts. Specifically, when did civil servants become our masters? It seems this country is just covered up in "government workers", from city, county, and state to various federal positions. What used to be positions of public service are now positions of public control, domination and intimidation. They have more paid holidays than the private sector. They almost always pay just a tiny fraction of what the private sector pays for health insurance. Many get higher education paid for them so they can be "more qualified" and are thus deemed more valuable i.e. higher paid. I would say most if not all benefit from pensions not available to most of the private sector and are eligible to receive said pensions long before true retirement. Also, government disability plans are so abused that it has become common for employees just shy of retirement to suddenly become disabled. They are frequently then paid more their regular pensions and with generally lower tax obligations. When is this going to stop? We, as a nation, cannot sustain this upside down balance of privileges and entitlements.


Anyway, that's how I feel so agree with me or prove me wrong. 

Uploaded 07/09/2011
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