When Environmentalist Go Mad!

Like all things that people take too†seriously, there is a tipping point where your thinking becomes†detached from the realities around you. Religious fundamentalism, be it suicide bombers or gay hating Westboro Baptist to Christian Fundamentalist who want†Jerusalem to become the capitol of Israel, so God can pull off the "Rapture" have their heads stuff up their asses and have become so disconnected with humanity they can only do harm.†

So to is it with fanatic†environmentalist† who's mission becomes bigger than anything else in the World. They will use the darkest methods to get people to see things their way and reveal that they are just as flawed as the suicide bomber at least in a psychological sense and I wouldn't be surprised if some are even more dangerous.†

In this following video done by the World Wildlife Fund, you can witness this†fanaticism being carried out as they compare 9/11 with a naturally†occurring†tsunami and then try to†instil†some sense of guilt††and obligation onto the audience using those two completely unrelated incidences. This reveals their †lack of empathy and how†distasteful they are willing to be for a cause that has nothing to do with terrorism or underwater earthquakes. Disgusting!

Even their math is screwed up "100 x 3000= 280,000" ????†
Uploaded 09/12/2012
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