When I first started driving....

It was awesome. My dad had gotten me a Neon as soon as I got my driver's license. I was blazing past slowpokes on the road, taking sharp turns, etc. I lived in a small town with barely any cops, so no need to worry.

One night around 12 or so, on the way home from my friend's house I caught a red light. A car pulled up to me. It was a badass ('06 i think?) red mustang GT with all the works, with a douchebag leaning back with his seat at a 45 degree angle. So I figure I'm gonna fuck with the guy. As soon as the light hit green, I just burned rubber and started hitting 50mph within 5 seconds, but it doesn't take much for the guy to catch up to me and we both get stuck by another red light. As soon as I stopped he gave me a gay douchebag smile as he started revving his engine.

Now I figure, I'm not gonna mess with the guy anymore cuz he can drive circles around me any day. As soon as that light turned green, he blasted that GT at what i can assume to be at least 90 mph....then i saw the police pull out of a residential street, red and blue lights shining through the night....

There aren't many residential streets so they had to turn into this roadside curb, where i managed to give the guy in the GT a little wave before I headed home... 

Uploaded 08/05/2008
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