When your in my house, my rules or get out!!!

I read, recently, in the newspaper something interesting. Since i live in a bilingual community with one of the languages being french. We sometimes get a lot of news from France. A politician said the following, and I think it's the smartest thing i've heard in a long time. I translated it here.

Learn to live together and in peace

The muslims that wish to live their lives following the law of the ''Sharia Islamist'' are recently being told ot leave France, this manoeuver is meant to prevent future terrorist attacks. The government is therefore targeting extremists.

Apparently, Prime Minister of France, mr François Fillon shocked a few french muslims by declaring the following :


''ANY NON FRENCH IMMIGRENT, WILL HAVE TO ADAPT. Take it or lose it. I am sick and tired that this nation is worried if we are offending certain people or their culture.

Our culture was develloped by numerous battles, victories made by millions of men and women that all looked forward for a common freedom.

Our official language is french, not spanish, libanese, arabic, chinese nor japanese, or any other language. The consequences are simple, if you wish to be part of our society, learn the language.

We accept your beliefs, and culture without any question. We are simply asking that you accept ours, and live peacefully with us. Here, it is OUR COUNTRY, OUR LAND, AND OUR LIFESTYLE. We offer you two things, first to take advantage of all this. Although, if you are tired of our flag, our engagement, beliefs or lifestyle, we also offer you another freedom. THE FREEDOM TO LEAVE.

If you are unhappy here, then leave. We did not force any of you to come here, YOU CHOSE to be here. So respect the country that you all have chosen.''


NOW, I skipped a huge part of it, but even though this speech originated in France. Please replace France with the name of your country, your language, your beliefs. Any country that has this problem of having a foreign culture trying to impose their beliefs and rejecting ours. GO BACK HOME, THIS HOME IS ALREADY OURS. My house, my rules.

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