Where Did The Time Go?

We all tried to grow up too fast.
What happened to the days when we palyed outside for hours making up games that included dogs or lions or me being the mom you being the dad. Once you hit puberty, everything gets horribly complicated and you can't understand anyone.
Not even yourself.
No one wants to play outside anymore because they're all too busy with they're hair, cellphones, boyfriends and drama.
We used to make that kind of stuff up.
No one ever thought it would actually happen.
And when we did think about it in our far-off fantasies, it wasn't the way it actually is.
Having friends isn't all, "Oh let's go to the mall all the time and meet cute boys."
Most of the time, we can't even get a ride to the mall, there are no cute clothes and when there are, they're way too expensive and the harsh reality of it is that even if those boys did look at you, probably the only thing they would be thinking would be nice ass.
Teenage life is a lot harder than we made it out to be.
In our pre-adolescent years all we ever thought about were the good times and the fun.
But as we all have learned (well, the ones that have hit puberty), with the good times come the bad and with the bad the ugly.
I wish we would've held onto those times in the backyard, playing with dolls and making food with mud and leaves.
But the sad part is, the closest we're ever going to get to that again, is when we have kids of our own to do it for us.

Uploaded 08/06/2008
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