Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I was asked this question in English, and I had to write a short paper as a response. The teacher made a copy of my paper and gave it to me, so here it is.

Ten years from now, I see myself in a holding room, kidnapped by inter-galactic space lizards. The year is 5167, I had just used the time machine I had bought in the year 2018, and as I climbed out of the canadian contraption I was confronted by trillions of sing-celled organisms, which had cleverly combined to to form a giant lizard man who looked suspiciously like Steve Guttenberg.

"Hello.", I said to the cellular lizard Guttenberg.

"I'm going to kidnap you, seriously.", He said. He then kidnapped me, looking serious about it. He took me to a secret holding room in the former United States of Armenia; also known as the mini-psuedo-dwarf planet of Pluto. Forwardly referred to as "Pluto".

On Pluto, the lizardmen worshipped Steve Guttenberg's son: Steve Guttenberg.

"All hail the mighty Gute." They said together. They then forced me to worship their God and they hated my freedoms, because that's what terrorists do. But I digress.

I managed to escape by chewing threw my twizzler ropes and flying out the window. Because in the future, I can fly.


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