Last night I witnessed something that blew me away. No, one of the guys at the Bootcamp did not propose to a woman.

I saw a 3D movie, and let me tell you something. It was nothing like the days of the plastic glasses.

We saw the movie Up, and it was really cute. I have to say that 3D effects have come a LONG way since the days of the plastic dinosaur and the plastic glasses. Theyve come a long way since the era of Jaws 3 3D where you have very unreal body parts floating off the screen toward you.

Im off to the Bootcamp. Its another sunny day here in La La Land.

In todays blog I want to raise something about which I was thinking the other day that I thought was really interesting: Where do most people masturbate?

Do most people masturbate in bed? Do people masturbate at the office (a topic on which I have done a blog by the way)?

Where is the most interesting place that youve ever masturbated?

Do you realize that most men masturbate in the shower, because its quick, easy, and clean? A lot of women also masturbate in the shower. Well, actually, a lot of them masturbate in the bathtub (because they have the pressure of the running water).

So I want to hear from you today. What is the most interesting place youve ever masturbated? Were you alone? Were you with a lover?

Was it perhaps even in front of a group of people? Have you ever been cheered on by thousands of people as you stroked or played with your clit?

Im curious to know what the most fascinating way is that youve ever masturbated? Also, what do you think about when you masturbate?

Share with everyone today I want to hear from you.

Uploaded 09/08/2011
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