Where the Lie of Religion Came From

I would like to write with authority in regard to the development of religion. The problem with that type of writing is the sound of a droning text book. So, I have decided to try a different approach. I will try to write with a more personable tone. Ive never done it. I hope this works.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

Have you ever caught someone in a lie? And when you confront them with it you have to tell them why you know they are lying? And even after you paint that pretty picture of their lie in all its glory, you still have not convinced them that they lied? What if they didnt tell the lie? What if they just bought into it? Well, in that case you would have to tell them where the lie came from.

We should probably start at the beginning

They heard the lie from their church leader. Most parishioners dont read their Bible regularly and depend upon interpretation from their minister or priest. Lets go with priest because those Catholics are wacky. Oh! And lets make him Italian because I think I can do the accent.

Jesusa Christa died for youra sins, anda now you gotta give a tithe fora ten percenta. Are you sure, Father? And if I give are you sure Ill go to heaven? Yesa! Ita say so righta herea! The priest opens the Bible and points. The parishioner doesnt read. He just digs cash out of his pocket and puts it in the collection plate.

Now, the priest is educated. Its hard for him to be exonerated from this lie because he should know its a lie. He went to a seminary of SOME sort for years to be ordained as a priest. There he learned that HELL DOES NOT EXIST. Oh, yes he did! He knows for a fact that the idea of Hell is a European twist on the Hebrew idea of Sheol.

Sheol was the Hebrew word for Hell. It mostly meant grave, you know, a hole in the ground where they put your dead body. The Hebrews of Jerusalem described Sheol as a horrible place. The best imagery they could give to the horridness of it was a smoldering trash heap on the outskirts of the city. So, naturally when the missionaries traveling with the word of Christ explained it this way to the mythology- believing Europeans it was equated to Hades. Yes, the underworld, the location of the River Styx. And because western culture colonized the globe THAT idea of Sheol was spread with acceptance as well.

So, why does Hell come up in the Bible so much? The modern Bible is an interpretation of ancient Hebrew texts which was ordered by none other than King James, himself. King James told the monks he charged with this order that several interpretations would be conducted. He also told them that if the interpretations differed he would punish them with decapitation. These monks, sworn to silence, nodded in agreement to the Kings terms. I think it went something like this:

And whichever one of you gets this wrong Im gonna cut off your fucking head! The monks maintained their silence, and nodded with obedience. As the Kings footsteps faded in the distant corridor, the Abbot gathered the monks to pray. Heavenly Father, grant us the knowledge. Oh, fuck it! Im not losing my head for any of you dumbasses. You guys better start talking. These words are hard enough to interpret. This is gonna look like a jumbled bunch of crap if we dont come up with some ground rules. First topic of discussion is the word Sheol. How are we gonna translate that? The guy with the bowl cut in the back stepped forward.  Abbot, I suggest Hell. The Abbot took a deep breath. Sounds good to me. Everybody got that? Ya see? King James never dreamed these guys would break their silence and talk to one another, but it only makes sense that they did. So, now its Hell, and the Church has another tool.

Back to that priest: He might think, Yeah, its a lie, but it keeps them in line and helps them live a richer life. And the rest is true. Christ died for all of us. Where did the priest get his beliefs?

He got them from a credited college. This college is run by the Church which canonized all of the material the priest had to study before he could become ordained. Yes. He had only to study canonized texts to become ordained. (Canonized means these texts were found worthy by the Church.)

OH! OH! HO HO! The Church only uses those writings they feel are relevant? They dont use all the ancient writings? NO! No, they dont. But they know about them and they know that if you read them it uncovers the lie. So, they dont canonize THOSE writings, and they tell their parishioners to stay away from them.

You want me to tell you what they are? OK. Youve read this far. I should make it worth your while. Ill tell you about one of them. Youre gonna love this.

You ask that priest about the prophesy of Christ and he will show you all kinds of vague, and obscure verses in the Bible. And then show you other verses to support his interpretation. This is the information age. Do you think the average dude in 1 A.D. had the time or ability to reference a verse and cross check it with a footnote? NOOOOO! The prophesy was as old as the Jewish religion. The prophesy dated back to the first books written about the religion. That is what the average dude knew about the prophesy of the Messiah. Everyone knew the story. And the story didnt even get canonized by the Church.

The story comes from The Book of Enoch. It tells about the creation in much more detail. It gives an hour by hour play by play of Adams time in the Garden of Eden. (This is why Jesus crucifixion is told hour by hour.) It tells in detail how and why Lucifer fell from grace. (This story is almost identical to an Egyptian gods fall from grace.) The Book of Enoch was written by someone. And from it came most of the Judeo- Christian beliefs. Who wrote it? Well, Enoch, of course. Who is Enoch? He is the seventh generation leader of the family of Adam. Or Adams great, great, great, great, great, great grandson. Wow, who found it? That would be the grandson of Noah. He was running across a field and tripped on it. Looking back on what he tripped on, he picked it up and took it home. Viola, the Hebrew religion was formed.

This was the origin of the lie, and no one would believe it today. But other books were written upon its basis to make the lie more believable or at least more palatable. Those writings perfected the lie. You read it! You go to YOUR priest with your findings. Youll get what I got.

So, you painted that pretty picture. You traced the lie back to the Church with their picking and choosing of texts. We can tell the Church, You know you are lying, and the Church will say, Well, we didnt canonize that, so it doesnt count.

You and I would be better off if we realized it does count. You would be better to read the Book of Enoch and judge for yourself. Even the staunchest of Christians or Jews would see the folly of the modern teachings if they knew from where they originated.

My next blog will be a comparison of the figurative death of Adam and the killing of Jesus as they are written in their respective texts. This is no short order so it may take time to get the references right. I wish to be accurate.

For all the pseudo intellectuals: Please dont spread your bullshit here. I know when youre wrong and I will not respond to you. For everyone else: I usually spell pseudo wrong. So, I know when Ive made a mistake. Just be cool about it and Ill correct it or at least listen and respond respectfully to you.

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