Where to begin...

There is no set plan for this blog. I'm not even going to spell check or use any kind of proper punctuation. Hell I'm not even going to proof read it like I usually do. I always stay away from religious topics because my beliefs are generally frowned upon. Well FUCK being frowned upon. The title says "Where to begin..." I KNOW where to begin.....


Plain enough right? Now, you can quote scripture to me all day long. It won't matter. You could say "Deunan, what about this and what about that?" It won't matter. As far as I'm concerned the bible is the best science fiction story ever written. The following is a simple enough statement for even the mediocre of mind to grasp...

The bible was written by man and man is fallible, therefore the bible is fallible.

How can you have faith in something fallible? How can you love and serve a vengeful, wrathful, spiteful, destructive, temper tantrum throwing omnipotent being? How can you worship a being who makes all mankind suffer for one person's mistake? How can you believe that in the universe's infinity we are all there is or ever will be? How can you call yourself a Christian, Catholic, Mormon, whatever and walk around telling others how they should act when you yourself hardly classify as a devout, sinless whatever the fuck you are?

Some of the most judgmental mother fuckers I've ever met call themselves Christians. They look down their nose at others unlike themselves and the same goes for all other religions. More people have been slaughtered in the name of organized religion than for any other reason since recorded time. How very God like of you all!  

Sodom and Gomorha...God destroyed those cities for their wickedness. 2000 years later Catholic priests are raping little boys, people are having sex with animals, we slaughter and torture each other for no other reason than pure shits and giggles. Don't fucking tell me that we aren't more wicked than Sodom and Gomorha.

Sure you can quote scripture..."God vowed never again to destroy all mankind after the flood." Key word there people is ALL. He destroyed only the wicked then and he can do the same now without destroying ALL of us. But, since he doesn't really exist, the wicked need not fret. :)

Some of you will take this as an afront to your beliefs. I don't really give a fuck whether you do or not. If this makes you upset than YOU are the closed-minded biggot....not me. I have searched and questioned and prayed for many years....nothing! I have asked questions of church Pastors, Priests, Fathers, Ministers and other church members and parishioners and so-called believers. Not a single one can even come close to answering them in a way that makes logical sense.

Religion can be a good thing for a great many people. If it works for you and you are a good person who doesn't harm others and yadda yadda...then I am happy to hear you found what works for you and I would never slam you or your beliefs. Even though I may think you're wrong or retarded I wuould still treat you with respect and not try to convert your ass to atheism. So........stop fucking trying to convert me! Quit fucking telling me I'm wrong! In this blog lies the very first time in my life that I have ever said "You're wrong!"

Some of you will shake your heads and think "poor Deunan...he's going to hell and doesn't even know it." You are obviously the type that believes in a vengeful, wrathful, fear inspiring God. Is that really any way to live? Always afraid of your actions or even your thoughts for that matter? God's done, according to the bible, some insane, psychotic, fucked up shit. Obviously a twelve year old's emotional stability.  Any being that would make you suffer for all eternity for not getting shit right has definite fucking issues of his own. The bible says (in many places) "so and so angered God" Anger? Rage? Disgust? Yes I're saying ....."but Deunan...God made us in his image." If that's the case people then refer to my fallible statement. Then God is fallible...which is a contradiction in itself. There are sooooooo many contradictions in all major religions it's fucking hilarious. The answer given when questioned about this is "you just have to have faith" other words "Deunan's making me question my own beliefs, holy fuck I'd better run away."

Have I considered that everyone else may be right and that I am the wrong one here? ABSOLUTELY!!! I almost constantly question myself and my own beliefs. I have been for 40 fucking years. What I've learned is that I am the only person completely honest with me...even a church pastor will lie through his teeth to make himself appear to be better or more than he actually is. There are more lies in religion than there are in politics.

I have many more things to say on the subject but right now I'm drained. Look forward to more of this and remember I'm not trying to convert you so don't try to convert me.


Angry, vengeful, wrathful, destructive, childish, hateful, berating, selfish, murderous, sick sense of humor (but made in HIS image) Deunan :)


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