Whispering sex in my ear

Unlike most people when I was little I never got the "birds and the bees" talk but for some reason when I started doing sex ed in school I knew everything! I also know alot of things that you really dont want to know. and for some reason I always share these thruths with the world aka my friends, and my crazy sexcapades.

Im trying to figure out how I learned all this, So I have come up with a theory, My mother came into my room at night and read my the big book of sex in my sleep, or I jsut watch to much porn and have a sick mind.

Also have any of you people heard of a strawberry shortcake ( the sexual thing named after the delicous treat) Because the other day I had a random guy yell out of his car window at me that he wants to give me one, I know what it means but dont you tihnk he could have said something a little bit sexier or soemthing, Because for those of you know what it is Im not really into getting punched in the face haha if he did do that Id cut his penis off and put it in a jar...or make him eat it.

Also how many of you have walked in on your parents, because I did a couple days ago and I jsut finaly managed to force the previous times I had out of my memory and then oneday Im going in to ask my mom if I can borrow a pair of socks and my step-dads pounding her....I tinhk I mihgt go blind.

Uploaded 09/25/2008
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