White Trash at the check out line

More of a rant than anything.

Today I went to Kroger. When I walked in the door it was as if it were the first of the month. Whisky Tango was everywhere. I think every fat chick in town was there. In tow were her 5 kids and the boyfriend of the month with his ex-girlfreinds names on his neck, some crossed out. I knew I was in for a treat. So I go through the store, collect my items and went to the checkout line. Every line was packed. Even the self-checkout lines. (I had always thought  that the welfare scum were too lazy or stupid to check themselves out, but they are learning). So I find a line with only 2 people. Two fat chicks with their WIC coupons to get Kix cereal, peanut butter, milk and juicy juice. I figure it can't take that long. The first lady checks out with her coupons then wants to purchase a hairbrush. It rang up at $2.50. She said they were on sale for a dollar. The clerk goes to the isle with the lady. They come back to the line and I hear them bickering about the price. The hairbrush was not on sale. The fat white trash lady said she saw another sign in a bin that said hairbrushes were only a buck. About 5 minutes into this and I was so pissed I was ready to just pay the extra dollar fifty to get the bitch outa there. A manager came to the line and sells the hairbrush for $1. Good. The fat lady was gone.  The second lady in line was obviously friends with the first lady and after getting her free food she lays out 4 hairbrushes. This bitch also wanted her hairbrushes for $1. She started arguing with the check out girl and saying that her friend got "them there" hairbrushes for a dollar and she wanted the same. She got them for a dollar a piece. I hate white trash. What normal people do this?!  I seriously wanted to punch both of these bitches in the face.

Uploaded 10/10/2008
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